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    Hi all,

    After emailing Lars Kocherscheid today, I found out the following and thought I would share it with any other english-speaking photo uploaders.

    Vehicles with assigned or marked detachments should be uploaded as follows:

    Place - Agency - Car Number - Type

    Collingwood - OPP - 1-052 - Patrol Car
    Aurora - OPP - 05-602 - Patrol Car
    MRC du Granit - Sûreté du Québec - 5131 - Patrol Car
    Daytona Beach - Police - 6045 - Patrol Car

    For vehicles without fixed bases, without assigned detachments, or perhaps an otherwise unknown operating base, the following conventions should apply:

    Agency - Car Number - Type

    OPP - 29-001 - Command Post
    Canadian Forces - 71378 - Patrol Car
    CN Railway Police - 301 - Patrol Car
    Sûreté du Québec - 6013 - Patrol Car

    If my understanding requires any modification or corrections, please advise.

    - Ian

    Hi everyone!

    My friend Thomas "e2kmaster" introduced me to this website. We both live in the suburbs of Toronto and enjoy taking photos of emergency vehicles and incident scenes.

    There is a small, but dedicated group of people with similar interests in Toronto - mostly using Flickr to share uploads.

    Hopefully over the next few weeks I will get an opportunity to upload more shots from my collection.

    All for now,

    Ian (JungleJet) :smile: