English description? Photo quality?

  • Hello Ondrej

    Thank you for your question. I already sent you a private message with basically the same content as follows.

    This are the general requirements for photos which you upload:

    Criteria for the picture upload

    # min. width: 900 pixels
    # min. height: 590 pixels - max. height: 620 pixels
    # min. picture size: 250 kB - max. picture size: 600 kB

    This criteria are checked automatically. If they are not fulfilled, you will get an error message while uploading

    # Radio device (incl. callsign) and/or lightbars/beacons must be mounted. Exceptions are possible, but require a single case examination
    # The vehicle should be visible clear clearly and completely, front or side views are subject to exceptional cases
    # The vehicle should not 'topple', slight inclinations can be corrected by postprocessing
    # No persons should be visible. If that cannot be avoided, at least the faces should be anonymized
    # licence plates of private cars (e.g. in the background) must be anonymized
    # Photos which are compressed too much will be rejected due to the decline in quality
    # Each photo should come with a certain sharpness, unsharp photos will be rejected.
    # The vehicles depicted should be ready to drive (meaning: not from a junkyard)
    # Vehicles may not be cut off, e.g. at the roof or at the lightbar
    # group pictures are nice, but are also subject to exceptions because of the missing detail structure

    These are only minimum requirements. In the categorie "Tips für Fotografen" you can find further advice on how to make good photos. (They are just not translated yet)
    You will find photos which don't fulfill these minimum requirements in the "Abgelehnte Bilder"-folder (rejected pictures) and commented. Really bad photos may even be deleted without comment.
    Sometimes, if the Admin-Team is not sure about a photo, you may get a notice that the photo is accepted, but you can't see it in the Gallery. In this case, it is moved to an internal folder and the Admin-Team discusses if it is accepted or not.

    Of course we prefer to get a German description, but is is possible to write it in English. We decided that good pictures with an English description will be put into an internal folder if they meet our quailty standards. Some time later, when we have translated the text, they will be moved into the gallery with both the German and the English text.
    Other languages like French, Nederlands, Italiano, Espanol, Portugues etc. are possible, but may take longer time to be translated.

    For further questions, please feel free to ask.

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